Types of Advertising

There are many types of advertising but outdoors advertising whether mobile or static has proven to be one of the most effective forms of getting your business noticed.

Whatever the event we have a billboard and vehicle to suit.  Every campaign is custom made to fit your requirements and have maximum impact on your target market.

Here are some of the most popular types of advertising used by Ads4Less:

Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards on trucks or vans is a very effective way to promote your business message to large amounts of people for a very affordable price...

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Trailer Advertising

Trailer adverts are very good for getting your advert into small areas where your target market will see it...

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Pedestrian Advertising Bicycles

A bicycle with an advert trailer can get your business seen in pedestrianised areas which is ideal for showcasing to slow moving audience. The bikes do get noticed and smiles...

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Fixed Point Banner Advertising

Promote your message to stationary people in car parks etc. A fixed point banner advert is a good way to build brand recognition in your local area...

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Exhibition Advertising

If you are taking part in any events or exhibitions this year then renting our hospitality trailer could be a great way to showcase your business and talk with potential customers...

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Here are some of our clients:

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